FR. 20.05.2022 - SPIRAL x Kendal


Spiral aims to orbit distinct cornerstones of a wide spectrum of definite club music: Get ready for premium excerpts from the broad world of club sounds from house over italo and disco to various forms of techno. All styles, no boundaries, but carefully selected by yours truly.


Sticking to our ambition, we’ll regularly supply you with heavy lineups of the finest and hottest national and international artists.


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A clash between italo disco and EBM, rave and synth wave, flesh and machine. This is where Kendal was bred and still evolves. Somewhere between past, present and no future.


With his productions spotted by David Vunk in 2019 he sets the scene on his first maxi ‘Manifesto’: a modern take of the 80s / 90s euphoria sound draped in a macabre beauty straight from Darios Argento’s Giallos. The EP made quite some noise and was quickly sold out, with the title track ‘Ultimo’ dubbed as a “cult italo disco dance classic” by Moustache records boss himself.

From there he gained recognition from David Carretta, which ended in several collab tracks, and Jennifer Cardini welcomed him on her label Dischi Autunno for his second effort.


The ‘Inferno’ EP received a worldwide, burning welcome, way beyond the italo scene alone with the two italo-disco bangers ‘Intacto’ or ‘Moresko’ quickly playlisted by many acclaimed acts like DJ Hell, Ellen Allien, Skatebard or Gerd Janson.


From his first residency job in 2010 to the infamous Le Bikini big stage in Toulouse, he is as used to adventurous warm ups as devastating closing sets.

Proudly based in Toulouse, in early 2020 he launched his label ‘Ritmo Fatale’ alongside longtime friend Paul Guglielmi. Their goal through this platform is to discover, share and release new talented artists.




Kendal (Ritmo Fatale / Dischi Autunno)

ELT & EGE (Amp/Spiral)

LUM (Amp/Spiral)





Doors: 23.59

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Box Office (15 EUR)